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Welcome to Scandafloor, the award winning hardwood flooring company.

Scandafloor has been installing hardwood floors for over 30 years, and offers the best hardwood flooring installation of any wood flooring company.

We offer oak board, oak block and parquet installations. We are experts in the creation of custom parquet designs, inlays and patterns. These are are unmatched in their quality and perfection.

We also offer hardwood floors in the following hardwoods: Ash; American Black Walnut; Maple; Beech; Fumed Oak and Olivewood.

Our experienced installers, some with over 20 years of experience ensure every piece is fitted to perfection.

All of our wood is bought from sustainable sources and is of the highest quality.

We use the highest quality glues, plywood and varnishes to give unparalleled results. The end result is a masterpiece of design and functionality providing a talking point for everyone who visits.

Scandafloor solid wood floors not only look good, they also add value to the home they are installed in. Ensuring you'll more than get the money spent installing them in the extra value they add to your home or business.